Emeralds for our May Babies

by Store Manager May 16, 2023 2 min read

Emeralds for our May Babies - Kat Cadegan

Emerald: The Official Colour of Spring

Green is the colour of freshness, renewal, and new beginnings. Its striking hue represents the changing of seasons as earth wakes from a winter slumber and nature comes alive again. May brings us a soft entry into spring with crisp air and rich green buds emerging from the earth. The air loses its bite, and trees grow plump with fresh green leaves. It seems to us that there's no other month or time of year more fitting for theemerald stone to represent. The rich green of theMay birthstone appropriately mirrors the regrowth of spring and reminds us of the warmer months to come.

History and Symbolism

First discovered in Egypt, emeralds quickly became a precious and sought after stone. The historical Egyptian mines were also known as Cleopatra's emerald mines after the well-known Egyptian Goddess. Emeralds symbolize eternal life, foresight, and new beginnings, and Cleopatra was known to adorn herself and her home with the stone. 

The vibrant, green jewels were mined here for centuries until miners found high-quality deposits in Colombia during the  1520s.Emerald mining ceased in Egypt with the discovery of this new source, and to this day, Colombia remains the largest producer of emeralds. 

Emerald Properties

As a member of the beryl family, the gemstones come in a degree of shades, andemerald colours vary from a blueish-green to deep green. In order to be a true emerald, the stone must have a distinctly rich green colour, so it’s key that you pay attention to the shade when purchasing emerald jewellery. Green stones with any other tone or streaks are classed under another category, such as aquamarine, heliodor, or green beryl stones.

The Allure of Emerald Jewellery

As one of the most desirable coloured stones, it’s no surprise that emeralds make striking jewellery. The ElysiumEmerald Ring is a prime example of an astonishing way to showcase an emerald stone. The vibrant green stone shines from a 14k yellow gold band, creating a simple yet extravagant look. 

Our Ariel Emerald Pendant calls to any and all emerald lovers. A sight of beauty and elegance, thisemerald necklacecannot be ignored. The stone is set in recycled 14k yellow gold with diamond accents and gives off the essence of a valued family heirloom.

Keeping your Emeralds Looking their Best

Emeralds are fairly durable stones, but can be quite delicate when it comes to every-day activities. Every piece of jewellery needs a certain  level of care to ensure long-lasting beauty, however, caring for emeraldsrequires a little more attention to ensure the stone maintains its lustre. 

Emeralds are tough, yes, but they can be brittle. It's essential that you spare your emerald from any sudden shocks, including physical impact or thermal shock. This is another reason to remove your emerald jewellery before enjoying a hot tub or sauna. Emeralds are often enhanced using resin or oil. To avoid stripping off this layer of oil, you must take extra care when you are cleaning your jewellery. We find using a mix of gentle soap and water on a cloth works best.