Sustainable Handcrafted Jewellery for the Conscious Consumer

by Jan Baker December 27, 2022 2 min read

Sustainable Handcrafted Jewellery for the Conscious Consumer - Kat Cadegan

Social and environmental issues within the jewellery supply chain have created a movement away from fast fashion, mass-produced pieces. This shift brings about a return to quality and craftsmanship — one that is forged in a commitment to sustainable practices. These practices are being driven by passionate jewellers, as well as growing market demand.

More than ever, conscious consumers are using their purchasing power to support brands that strive to produce ethically sourced, high-end jewellery. Brands like Kat Cadegan Jewellery, whose timeless pieces are Canadian-made and ‘handcrafted from the heart’.

But how exactly is jewellery ethically produced? To craft jewellery with a history that a client can be proud of, a sustainably-minded artisan, like Kat, must consider the following:

Responsibly-Sourced Materials

Kat Cadegan Jewellery was born from a love of the world’s hidden gems, but with that love comes responsibility. By ensuring that gemstones are ethically sourced through trusted suppliers, Kat is contributing towards changing exploitative practices.

Ethically sourced materials must be conflict-free, extracted in a manner that ensures fair pay and the safety of workers, while also minimizing environmental degradation. Transparency throughout the entire supply chain is of the utmost importance when selecting materials.

Sustainable Materials

Gold is a renewable resource that can be recycled over and over again without losing its value or purity. That is why Kat’s jewellery is made from recycled precious metals. One hundred percent of the gold used in Kat’s custom designs and nature-inspired collections is from recycled sources. Heirloom remakes also breathe new life into vintage pieces without the negative impacts attributed to mining new material.


Recycling metal is one way to reduce negative social and environmental impacts associated with mining. However, eco-friendly sustainable practices can be implemented in other ways throughout the entire jewellery-making process; from studio practices to packaging. All Kat Cadegan Jewellery comes in a reusable fabric pouch and is shipped to the customer using sustainable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly packaging by

Quality Over Quantity

Mass-produced jewellery tends to be wasteful by design when compared to the investment of high-end jewellery. Kat believes that jewellery can be used to capture a story that holds meaning to the wearer for years to come. This is achieved through the quality craftsmanship of pieces that are designed to last.

Brand Values

Ethical considerations don’t stop after a stunning sapphire is set into a half halo of 14k yellow Gold. Although the beauty of Kat Cadegan’s Isabella ring is indeed a show-stopping piece, Kat’s dedication to sustainability does not end in the studio.

As a ‘1% for the Planet member’, Kat has committed to donating the equivalent of one percent of gross sales to directly support environmental non-profit-driven initiatives. In addition, Kat actively supports various humanitarian causes. In the last fiscal year, Kat donated over $37,000 to various charities including Doctors Without Borders aiding those in Afghanistan and the Canadian Red Cross aiding those in Ukraine.

Handcrafting sustainable jewellery requires careful consideration. Kat Cadegan Jewellery is committed to sustainable practices and is constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint even further.

Specializing in custom jewellery design and heirloom remakes, Kat Cadegan Jewellery also creates signature collections consisting of bangles, earrings, pendants, and rings that showcase the intricate patterns found in nature.