Our Story


Born from a love of the world’s hidden gems

Hi, I’m Kat.

My home is filled with treasures I’ve purchased from local artisans across the country and around the globe. Every market I come across is an opportunity to learn a new story or explore a new craft.

Sometimes my friends make fun of me because I can’t get enough... But it’s worth it. Each piece contains incredible sentiment, thought, and skill.

After all, I’ve always known there was more to jewellery than sparkle.

My love of jewellery spans gem hunting trips in India, travels through South East Asia, and studies in Mexico. I’ve taught silversmithing in Shanghai, completed artist residencies in Nova Scotia, and studied at the Kootenay School of Arts.

Throughout it all, I’ve seen the honest connection people have with their jewellery. Certain pieces mark a moment in time, remind them of a loved one, or stay in the family for decades.

We design our jewellery with the same intention.

Each of our pieces has a narrative. The materials, the people, and the stories are the driving force behind our design process.

We want you to instil meaning into your jewellery too. We want you to hold it dear as you create new memories. New stories. 


Dedicated to low impact practices and sustainable materials

Nature provides endless inspiration for our work. We want to return the favour by doing everything in our power to create sustainable jewellery that endures generations.

We use recycled materials whenever possible and source from responsible suppliers when recycled materials aren’t an option. We also recycle our precious metals endlessly in-house to minimise the need for new orders.

100% of our gold is recycled
90% of our silver is recycled

Beyond our metals, we’re always looking for sustainable alternatives to common materials and chemicals. This means citric acid for pickling instead of the common sodium bisulphate and organic dish soap for polishing, rather than commercial carcinogenic products. We use sustainably harvested wood ring boxes and biodegradable packaging.

In other words, if there’s a greener way to do things, we find it. If you have a hot tip on how to go greener, we want to hear it.

Conflict-free gemstones that make a difference

In a trade historically characterized by exploitation, we’re determined to disrupt damaging patterns.

Gemstone Community Support

Through a portion of our jewellery sales, we’re dedicated to giving back to gemstone mining communities.

We contribute to Gem Legacy, a nonprofit that supports education, vocational training, and local economies in East African gemstone mining communities.

We’re currently a Tanzanite level contributor to Gem Legacy and hope to reach Ruby status soon.

The sky’s the limit though. Our goal is to increase the number of children we sponsor with our sales each year.
Responsible Gem Suppliers

All of our gemstones come from responsible, conflict-free suppliers.

This means:

They do not use child labour
They uphold safe conditions and adequate pay for workers
They prioritize environmentally sustainable mining practices
They do not mine in communities actively engaged in armed conflict