Caring For Your Jewellery: 7 Tips to Keep Your Jewellery Shining Bright

by Jan Baker December 03, 2022 2 min read

Caring For Your Jewellery: 7 Tips to Keep Your Jewellery Shining Bright - Kat Cadegan

Did we collaborate on a custom-designed piece to compliment your unique personality? Or, perhaps it was a family heirloom that we brought freshness to, by perfectly blending old with new. Either way, you couldn’t be happier with your one-of-a-kind design. Now it’s time to talk about protecting your investment.

Don’t worry, protecting your perfectly designed piece, made from ethically sourced gems and fine metals, doesn’t necessarily mean tucking them away in a vault. Wearing your jewellery regularly is actually one of the best ways to prevent tarnishing.

But over time, it is only natural that air pollutants, dust, perspiration, and perfumes should dull the lustre of metals and gemstones. Therefore, keeping your jewellery shining bright requires proper care and attention.

These 7 jewellery care tips will ensure that your custom piece can be worn forever—collecting endless memories for years to come.

Cosmetics First, Jewellery Last

Perfumes, lotions, and even chemicals like sunscreen can quickly tarnish your jewellery. If the film from these products is not removed, it will quickly build up over time and dull your precious pieces.

To keep your jewellery shining bright, apply cosmetics first and allow them to thoroughly soak in prior to putting on any rings, earrings, or necklaces. If you must reapply lotion or perfume throughout the day, remove your jewellery first.

Do Your Daily Workout, But Without Jewellery

Whether you are doing dishes or running a marathon, you should always remove your jewellery prior to any physical activity. This is to avoid any unnecessary stress or friction that could damage clasps, hooks, or other delicate parts.

While You Rest, Give Your Jewellery A Break Too

For obvious reasons, remove your jewellery while you sleep. Tangled necklaces and pokey earring posts do not make for a restful sleep. And, if you frequently wake up with swelling in your hands, removing a ring the following morning can be downright painful. So while you rest, take the opportunity to give your jewellery a break too.

No Jewellery In The Pool

Worse things can happen than having to dive down to the bottom of a pool to retrieve a lost ring. Chlorinated pools and hot tubs can cause serious discolouration. To prevent tarnishing, remove your jewellery before swimming.

Be Careful With Cleaners

There are harsh chemicals in silver jewellery cleansers and cleaning solutions can be abrasive - features that will remove blackened or patina finishes. Therefore, do not clean oxidized or patina Kat Cadegan jewellery with silver jewellery cleansers or cleaning solutions.

Cleaning With Care

To maintain lustre, gently wipe your jewellery with a clean, soft polishing cloth. For built up residues, a soft bristled toothbrush with warm soapy water works well. Baking soda can also help remove residue on jewellery with a matte finish.

Safe Storage

When not wearing your jewellery, storing it individually in the plastic bag that it came in is the best way to avoid oxidation and scratching.

Following these 7 tips makes it easy to care for your jewellery, leaving you with plenty of time to daydream about your next Kat Cadegan custom design!