Kat Cadegan Jewellery is handcrafted with love and as such requires the proper care and attention. Wearing your pieces regularly is one of the best ways to prevent tarnishing. When you are not wearing your jewellery, it is important to keep your pieces properly stored. Rings should be kept in their ring boxes and sterling silver & bronze pieces should be stored in the plastic bag provided to reduce oxidation.

Over time- air pollutants, dust, perspiration, perfumes, and other natural elements can dull the lustre of metals and gemstones. We recommend using a soft polishing cloth to polish your pieces. You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush with warm soapy water to help to remove any residues that build up on the metal. If your jewellery has a matte finish, you may also use baking soda to help remove any residue.

The following guidelines will help you to maintain your jewellery in its original condition. If you find yourself thinking you should take your jewellery off- listen to that voice.


  • Follow the rule of last on, first off. 
  • Apply all of your lotions and potions and perfumes before putting on your jewellery 
  • Remove your jewellery prior to physical activity to avoid unnecessary stress or friction.
  • Remove jewellery before sleep.
  • Remove jewellery before swimming in chlorinated pools or hot tubs to avoid tarnishing and discolouration. The chemicals found in pools and hot tubs can be very damaging to your jewellery. 
  • Wipe your jewellery with a clean, soft cloth before returning it to storage to remove oils and dirt.
  • Use a polishing cloth to give your pieces a bright shine
  • Avoid oxidization (tarnishing) and scratching by storing your jewellery individually in the velvet pouches and ring boxes provided
  • Bring your jewellery in annually for a cleaning and inspection. This is a required part of our warranty. If you notice a stone moving, a prong catching or you’ve had an incident- don’t wait, bring your piece in for a check up. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Do Not

  • Do not use cleaning solutions with abrasives or ammonia, as harsh chemicals can damage gemstones and metals. Warm soapy water with a soft bristle toothbrush is your best friend.
  • Do not garden, lift weights, change tires or kick box with your rings on.
  • Do not wet oxidized (blackened) or patina (blue & purple) Kat Cadegan jewellery pieces. The patina is a surface treatment and can be removed or damaged by water. If you make a mistake and get it wet- fear not, we can fix it for you. 

When in doubt, use common sense. If you think you shouldn’t have your jewellery on- take it off! 

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. We are always happy to help.


    All Kat Cadegan pieces are covered under a limited lifetime guarantee against any workmanship or manufacturer defect. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect, or theft. Stone damage or breakage due to wear is not covered under warranty

    All rings will require routine maintenance (such as prong re-tipping), the frequency of which will largely be determined by the wearer’s lifestyle. Routine maintenance is not covered under warranty. All rings will require maintenance at some point, this is a normal part owning fine jewellery. Think of it like getting the breaks done on your car- at some point, it will need to be done. 

    We require having your ring inspected annually to monitor wear and tear. We provide complimentary cleaning and inspection of your ring annually. Rings that are not inspected annually will not be covered under warranty. Think of it like going to the dentist : regular maintenance is your best friend. If you ignore your maintenance schedule and routine work such as prong re-tipping is not done- this is when stones start falling out like teeth.

    Please note that centre stones are not covered under warranty, we encourage you to insure your jewellery under homeowners, renters, or an independent insurance company immediately upon receipt of your piece.

    We offer repair services for all Kat Cadegan Jewellery resulting from regular usage. Any repair work or maintenance will be billed according to the work required. 

    We retain the right to determine what constitutes typical wear and tear. Unauthorised repairs conducted outside of Kat Cadegan Jewellery will void your warranty, including ring resizing.

    Pleasecontactus for more information or to submit a warranty claim.