Custom Work & Remakes

Whether you are looking to have your dream ring hand crafted or rework your Grandmother's heirloom pieces, we are here to help.

What is the first step to my dream ring/remake?
The first step in the custom/reworking process is to schedule an initial consultation. Please have your design ideas/ inspiration /dreams ready. This will allow us to lay a solid foundation for our project. 

I saw my dream ring online, can you make it for me?
Inspiration is where we start. If you have seen rings you love online, please show them to us. Tell us what you love about it and why. It's great to identify elements that you want, whether it's the style/ colour of the stone or the type of setting. We love inspiration, but we will not copy someone else's work. If you're looking to have exactly what you see online, we encourage you to find the creator of the ring and order from them- you'll make their day.

What is the cost of a custom ring?
This is sort of like asking how much a car costs, there are many variables at play. The type and size of the stones being the biggest contributing factor. Custom rings generally start at $1200. Without knowing the materials, this is very hard to predict. Once we have our initial consult and we know what materials and stones we're working with, you will be provided with a quote before we begin any work.

What is the cost of a remake?
Much like a custom ring, a remake is hard to quote until we know what we are working with and what we are turning it into. Once we have our initial consultation, we will provide you with a quote before beginning any work. Remakes generally start at $500.

How long is the custom/remaking process?
Please allow 6-8 weeks to complete your piece. If you need your project completed on a faster timeline, we may be able to accommodate you. This needs to be clearly communicated to us in the initial consultation.
If we are sourcing a rare/unique gem, the process may take longer. We will let you know in the beginning if we think you're stone might take a while to track down.

I have a lot of gold chains, can you use them in a remake?
No, unless the chain was handmade, it generally has too much solder contamination for us to use.

I have white gold, can you use it?
White gold is tricky. If there is any nickel in the alloy, it doesn't like to be reworked. It becomes brittle- like pie crust that you can't roll out. We have had both success and failure with reusing white gold. If we agree to try and use it, it must be clearly understood that your piece may be melted down and then not be usable. If that is a risk you are willing to take, we can try.

Can you use my gold teeth?

Where can I see samples of your custom work and remakes?
Our Instagram feed is loaded up with recent work.

Please contact us here or use the form below to schedule your custom consult.