Willow Bangle

In windswept meadows, wild pussy willows stand tall - symbols of resilience and adaptability. They sway with grace, unyielding against the elements. Let our willow bangles serve as a reminder that your strength lies in your ability to bend without breaking, to weather life's storms with unwavering poise.


The bangles are sold individually. They are intended to be a tight fit, sliding on just above your wrist bone. Do not bend the bangles open and closed as doing so repeatedly will result in damage and possibly breakage.

  • Sterling silver or bronze
  • Small: 2.5" (61mm) internal diameter
  • Medium 2.75" (66mm) internal diameter
  • Large 2.9" (70mm) internal diameter
  • Custom sizing available upon request

If your size is out of stock, please email us atinfo@katcadegan.com and we will happily make one for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Craftsmen ship at its finest

I bought this bracelet years ago and have loved it since! Comfortable to wear and lovely to admire, so many interesting details.

So lovely to hear, Jackie! Thank you very much

Beautiful & stands the rest of time

I bought this bracelet from Kat years ago & I never take it off! The customer service is also great, it needed repaired and they were lovely to deal with. I’m a repeat customer with an armful of bangles now :)