Cicada Wing Earrings | Handcut

Embrace the transformative essence of the cicada. Just as these resilient creatures patiently await their emergence, we too navigate the stages of evolution in life. Our pieces capture the delicate beauty of cicada wings, embodying the profound symbolism of change and the limitless potential for personal growth. Like the cicada, we shed our old selves to make way for new beginnings. Wear our cicada pieces as a tribute to your own metamorphosis, a reminder of the boundless journey towards self-discovery.


  • Size: ~ 67mm
  • Total length including ear wire: ~ 79mm
  • Earrings for sensitive ears
  • Nickel free
  • Sterling silver or bronze
  • Available in 14k gold upon request
  • Made from sustainably-sourced precious metals
  • Earring wire: Short hook
  • Handmade in Revelstoke, BC

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kim Hupka
Never get old

I love these earrings, I have had them for years and still reach for them to dress up or just a casual day. Always get compliments when I wear them.

We love hearing you are complimented while wearing these beauties! Thank you.

Kasha D

I bought these earrings at a market with my best friends. When I wear them I think of all the changes we have made in our lives and how we have stayed close despite those changes. They are real statement earrings. I get many compliments on them. I know I will have them forever as they are amazing quality. Love! 🦋

Thank you, Kasha! Beautiful story, we are so glad you love them.