Starfish - mini Pendant

Our starfish collection captures the essence of renewal and resilience. Like these sea creatures, our pieces symbolize the power of transformation and the ability to overcome challenges. Worn as a talisman of healing, growth, and the limitless mysteries of the universe, our starfish collection invites you to embrace your own journey of transformation. Each piece serves as a reminder of your inner strength and the boundless potential within. Like the starfish, you too have the power to navigate the currents of life and emerge stronger than ever before.


These dime-size pendants pay homage to the ocean, the sky, and all the wonders in between. 

Size: ~18mm

  • Sterling silver or bronze
  • Available in 14k gold upon request
  • Chains are sold separately
  • Made from sustainably-sourced precious metals
  • Earring wire: Choose from a long hook or a short hook
  • Handmade in Revelstoke, BC