Cicada Wing Ring

Symbols of longevity and transformation, Cicadas have one of the longest life spans of any insect. They can take up to seventeen years to emerge from underground. They go through five molting stages - shedding their shells each time.

Aside from their wings being beautiful and intricate, I love our cicada collection because I think cicadas are a symbol of change and our unlimited potential for personal growth.

We too, go through many molting stages during our lifetimes.

There's a beautiful metaphor in their existence


This dazzling ring is a shop favourite amongst our cicada pieces. Inspired by the intricate shape of a cicada’s wing, it is hand cut from sterling silver. 

  • Sterling silver 
  • Available in 14k gold upon request
  • Made from sustainably-sourced precious metals
  • Handmade in Revelstoke, BC

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