Cicada Earrings | Small

Embrace the transformative essence of the cicada. Just as these resilient creatures patiently await their emergence, we too navigate the stages of evolution in life. Our pieces capture the delicate beauty of cicada wings, embodying the profound symbolism of change and the limitless potential for personal growth. Like the cicada, we shed our old selves to make way for new beginnings. Wear our cicada pieces as a tribute to your own metamorphosis, a reminder of the boundless journey towards self-discovery.


Cast from real cicada wings, these petite earrings are perfect for everyday wear. They add a touch of wilderness to any outfit, reminding you to take flight and celebrate whenever you have the chance. 

Size: ~ 16mm.

Total length including ear wire:

  • Short Hook ~ 28mm
  • Long Hook ~ 49mm
  • Earrings for sensitive ears
  • Nickel free
  • Sterling silver or bronze
  • Available in 14k gold upon request
  • Made from sustainably-sourced precious metals
  • Earring wire: Choose from a long hook or a short hook
  • Handmade in Revelstoke, BC

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Love my cicada earrings. They rarely leave my ears.

Thank you for your lovely review! We're so happy to hear that you love your cicada earrings and that they rarely leave your ears. That's the kind of appreciation we love to see! Happy wearing!

Beautiful earrings!

I love my Cicada earrings. They’re incredible quality and the perfect earring for every day. Thanks Kat and team!

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so happy to hear that you love your Cicada earrings and that they're perfect for everyday wear. We take pride in providing high quality products and we're thrilled that you're happy with your purchase.

Andrea pont
Beautiful earrings

Love these earrings. I have a few items from Kat and love them all!

Thank you for your feedback, Andrea!

Jen Lenzi
Best Gift!

I received my very first KC creation for my birthday from my best friend! They are elegant and beautiful and I cannot wait to wear them everyday 😊

Light and magic for feeling special everyday!

These bronze beauties lift my mood whenever I pop them in, light enough to wear everyday but with the grace and movement that attracts compliments galore.

10/10 recommend (and also 10/10 recommend my husband for buying them for me!)