Willow Bangle

In windswept meadows, wild pussy willows stand tall - symbols of resilience and adaptability. They sway with grace, unyielding against the elements. Let our willow bangles serve as a reminder that your strength lies in your ability to bend without breaking, to weather life's storms with unwavering poise.


The bangles are sold individually. They are intended to be a tight fit, sliding on just above your wrist bone. Do not bend the bangles open and closed as doing so repeatedly will result in damage and possibly breakage.

  • Sterling silver or bronze
  • Small: 2.5" (61mm) internal diameter
  • Medium 2.75" (66mm) internal diameter
  • Large 2.9" (70mm) internal diameter
  • Custom sizing available upon request

If your size is out of stock, please email us and we will happily make one for you.

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