All About Aquamarine

by Store Manager March 24, 2023 2 min read

All About Aquamarine - Kat Cadegan



March is the month when we notice the season beginning to turn. In between those lingering cold days, we’re greeted with bursts of sunshine, our minds turning to the excitement of spring’s arrival. We soak in the warmth, feeling it fill us with the energy and fresh start that comes with a new season. 

The beautiful blue of the aquamarine stone is the perfect hue to represent this month. Aquamarine, the official March birthstone, represents happiness, good health, and everlasting youth - too similar to how we feel when the sun shows itself after a long winter in the mountains.

Aquamarine Meaning and Symbolism 

The aquamarine birthstone is reminiscent of the most refreshing waters you’ve experienced. Its name, a combination of two Latin words, reflects the dreamy clear blue colour of the stone. Together, aqua (meaning water) and marina (meaning sea) translate to the colour of the sea. This gem is the perfect companion for those who lust after the ocean and need a reminder of the endless open blue it holds.

The aquamarine stone is in the mineral beryl’s family and is related to the deep green emerald. Its colour can range from pale blue to aqua green. Here at Kat Cadegan Jewellery, we work with small suppliers to source sustainable gemstones. Our aquamarine stones come from a small, trusted supplier we have worked with for years. Each one is beautifully unique and custom-cut for us to create these pieces just for you.

Wearing the Sea 

Wren Ring

Kat Cadegan Jewellery offers a variety ofaquamarine rings for ocean lovers such as the stunning Wren Ring. This custom-cutaquamarine stone is set in 14K gold with diamond accents and a sterling silver band, making the ring both eye-catching and timeless.


Wren ring Aquamarine


Aquamarine Earrings

Our selection of aquamarine earrings has something for everyone, whether you desire an  effortless stud or something  more intricate.

Our  Hathor Earrings, available in studs, long hooks or short hooks are the perfect go to for dressing up OR daily wear. Theaquamarine colour radiates from the sterling silver, bringing each piece to life.

   Hathor Earrings StudsHathor Earrings Short Hooks  Hathor Earrings Long Hooks  


Angelina Gemstone Pendant 

Keep the ocean close to your heart with our aquamarine  Angelina Gemstone Pendant. Inspired by timeless heirlooms, this handcrafted beauty will be treasured for generations. Thisaquamarine necklace is created with sterling silver and recycled 14k gold for a special touch. Each custom-cut gemstone is unique and special to you, making every necklace one of a kind. 


Angelina Pendant Aquamarine


Celebrate the turn of a new season with one of these conversation starters, or pop into  Kat Cadegan Jewellery to browse our other  aquamarine pieces.