Hemlock Cone - The Root of This ‘Boreal’ Jewellery Collection

by Jan Baker January 31, 2023 2 min read

Hemlock Cone - The Root of This ‘Boreal’ Jewellery Collection - Kat Cadegan

The serene sound of a stream trickles tirelessly by, as the soothing scent of floral notes, mixed with cedar, pine, and moss, travel to you on a soft breeze. Lush, green conifers stand in meditation while stress slips away. Peace pervades, and a sense of belonging exists in the silence. With a sigh, the stillness surrenders to a hemlock cone falling softly to the forest floor. From that cone, Kat Cadegan’s signature ‘Boreal’ collection takes root to nourish your love of nature.


Hemlock Cone Pendant

Forest bathing is good for the soul. It’s true! Soaking in nature helps to deal with the stresses of urban living, but for most, escaping work for a stroll in the woods is nothing more than wishful thinking. Enter forest-inspired jewellery for the win! With pieces designed to keep nature close to the heart, Kat Cadegan’s signature ‘Boreal’ collection keeps you connected to the forest, even when you are far from it.

The Hemlock Cone Pendant is perhaps the most popular piece in this signature collection. Cast from real Vancouver Island Hemlock cones, this little pendant tells the story of a tree much bigger than itself. And what a beautiful symbol of the heights that can be reached when a small seed is nurtured. With matching earrings available, the hemlock cone is the perfect reminder to practice daily self-care, in order to nourish the roots that support you on your own journey of growth.


If you love the symbolism of a conifer cone but are looking to make more of a statement with a larger piece, this Larch Cone Pendant is a perfect choice. Available in high polished sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, or bronze, this pendant is sure to add a nature-inspired statement to any outfit.

The Beauty of a Branch

Have you ever stopped to look at a branch in the spring when new growth is just starting to bud? It’s beautiful, as are these branch-inspired pieces:

Aittin Ring


Another favorite amongst this forest collection, the Aittin Ring is made from a real tree branch. Cast in a classic style, the detailed texture of this timeless piece adds a touch of character to any wardrobe staple.


Branch Earrings


Do you prefer the wearability of an everyday stud, or are you looking to add elegance with earrings that dangle gracefully? Choose the branch-inspired pair that works best for you. Or better yet, pick up a pair in sterling silver and another in bronze to avoid having to make an impossible decision!

Branch Necklace


A long-standing favourite, this Branch Necklace perfectly highlights the raw beauty that can be found in the forest. A must have to keep nature close to your heart and complete your branch-inspired look.

If the Hemlock Cone Pendant (or any of these pieces) speak to your soul, as nature tends to do, visit the ‘Boreal’ collection where more forest treasures are waiting to be found.

Specializing in custom jewellery design and heirloom remakes, Kat Cadegan Jewellery has a signature collection to meet a variety of nature-loving styles.