Neptune Ring - The Cresting Wave of This ‘Ocean’ Jewellery Collection

by Jan Baker January 04, 2023 2 min read

Neptune Ring - The Cresting Wave of This ‘Ocean’ Jewellery Collection - Kat Cadegan
As temperatures drop and winter settles in, it’s only normal to pine for bygone beach days. And, although snow has replaced sand for the foreseeable future, the memory of sunscreen and salty air can warm even the coldest of seasons. From the beaches of Cape Breton, comes Kat Cadegan’s signature ‘Ocean’ jewellery collection, designed to keep those long summer beach days close to your heart.

Neptune Ring

Pearls have become one of the year’s biggest fashion trends, but ocean jewellery is not limited to gemstones. Yes, pearls may be timeless, but trends come and go. As we move into 2022, expect delicate jewels to give way to statement-making pieces, like this Neptune Ring (named after the Roman god of the sea) that is sure to make a splash.

Statement rings don’t have to be chunky and bold to be noticeable. Cast from a real sea urchin shell, the metal motif of the Neptune Ring is strikingly unique. Beneath its vulnerable elegance, it radiates strength and resiliency. This lovely ocean-inspired statement ring is a real conversation starter that will give you ample opportunity to share your love of the sea with others.


The Neptune Ring may be the cresting wave of Kat Cadegan’s ‘Ocean’ Jewellery collection, but the surging swell gives way to other precious treasures of the sea, like these fine detailed Sand Dollar Earrings.

Sand dollar oxidized silver earrings

Shown in oxidized sterling silver, these earrings are even more gorgeous when paired with the matching Sand Dollar Pendant. So while winter ambles on, let this set anchor you to memories of lazy afternoons spent beachcombing for untold treasures.


She sells seashells by the seashore; this seashell pendant is going to leave you wanting more! Pair this charming bronze pendant with a sterling silver chain as shown, for a fashionable mix of sustainably sourced metals.

Sea Shell Bronze Pendant

If you’re looking for a beautiful piece to pair with the statement-making Neptune Ring, this intricate pendant cast from a real sea fan is a match made in heaven. Designed to be a reminder of the vivid dreamlike colors and lively activity found within a coral reef, the Sea Fan Pendant is a delight for underwater enthusiasts. Yet another remarkable saltwater-inspired piece from Kat’s signature ‘Ocean’ collection.

Sea fan sterling silver pendant

Is it even possible for an ocean jewellery collection to be complete without a playful starfish pendant? Of course not! With its pleasing symmetrical design, the starfish has come to represent carefree vacations in faraway tropical destinations. And, with silver having a fashionable moment, this necklace has the appeal of being sentimental and stylish. Also available in earrings and a mini pendant version.

starfish sterling silver pendant

There’s no need to let the current blanket of snow keep you from the memory of snoozing on warm, sandy beaches. Whether you are looking to make a statement with the Neptune Ring, or prefer the subtle wearability of the seashell pendant, Kat’s ‘Ocean’ jewellery collection has the perfect piece for you.

Land lovers need not worry. Kat Cadegan has a variety of nature-inspired signature collections to suit a wide range of personal styles.